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Find the right and
effective way to perform Temperature Mapping

In full compliance with EU-GDP and WHO standards

We help companies manage costs and assure compliance by providing customized temperature mapping services for warehouses, storages and fleets as part of their operational and performance qualification.

Get valuable information on the temperature profile of your storage or vehicle in a carefree and cost-effective way

As stated in the EU GDP directive, an initial temperature mapping exercise should be carried out on the storage/ transport area, under representative conditions. Accordingly, a virtual grid must be established with an adequate number of calibrated devices. Globalworx experts offer services to make sure to follow all the requirements to pass any regulatory inspection.

Have confidence your storage complies with all regulatory requirements

Globalworx does follow the WHO, EU-GDP requirements and criteria set by the ISPE. We make sure to provide the right number of equipment and the correct documentation templates. The results are 100% accurate and 100% compliant.

Reduce costs twice: once for mapping, the second time for temperature monitoring

A Temperature Mapping requires prior a risk assessment to cover all critical locations in storage or vehicle. Globalworx assures the right coverage and provides reports that help allocate measuring devices for temperature monitoring.

All you need for operational and performance qualification

empty and loaded chamber tests

open door tests + other challenges tests

power failure simulation

cold and hot spots identification

temperature distribution analysis

all reports and documents for GMP/ GDP

How it works


We assess your requirements, including space conditions and size location. We perform a risk assessment study before the measurement. We start with the analysis to accurately know the area in scope.


We use our own devices and software to perform the measurements. Our experts place the devices exactly where they need to be.


We provide a detailed report with 3D temperature model, all documents necessary for operational and performance qualification, and a list of recommendations for temperature management of your storage area.


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