How Our Supply Chain Compliance Solutions Can Help You



Providing software and tools designed to keep your products, devices, systems, and practices up to date with the latest in regulatory and quality requirements.



Temperature, environment, storage: state-of-the-art monitoring devices helping you define and implement the most efficient plans to guarantee continuous product quality.



The latest in high-end encryption technology, protecting your clients’ personal information and other product sensitive data through warehousing and distribution.

Patient Safety and Product Quality.


Nothing is more important in the regulated industry. But so much can go wrong between manufacturing and delivery. For example:

  • Unpredicted environmental changes
  • Rigorous handling methods
  • Incorrect product identification

And so many more. A single mistake is all it takes to start a disaster.

Frozen laboratory test tubes in box container without freezer in research lab.

Minimize risk, maximize control.

With Globalworx Supply Chain Compliance Solutions, we offer the most ideal solutions towards keeping all sensitive pharmaceutical and medical device products safe.

Keep your company safe from failed regulations, and keep your customers safe from failed products. With Globalworx, we hold your hand every step of the way.

With over thirty years of expertise in the supply chain, pharmaceutical, and other related industries, Globalworx GmbH is the German leader in pharmaceutical and supply chain technology, software and compliance solutions.
We know the ins and outs of the regulated industry and understand the common problems you may encounter.


Our solutions include:

  • Supply Chain Quality Systems – Ensuring that your company meets compliance with various regulatory and government bodies, including ISO, WHO, FDA, EU, and more
  • UDI and Serialization Compliance – Offering continued lifelong product support and identification with our database solution and expertise
  • Product Labeling – Simple, easy, and efficient product labeling systems to keep your process streamlined. We will assist you with every step, including printing, label structure, bar coding requirements, and reading equipment
  • Supply Chain Security – Keeping your patient and client information completely secured. Add value to your services with the latest in security and privacy technology
  • Supply Chain Monitoring – We have access to the latest devices in the monitoring industry, and will equip your systems with the best in data collection, analysis, and monitoring gear
  • Supply Chain Procurement Solutions – Evaluate, Analyze, and Approve. The easiest ways to select the best suppliers for your customers while maintaining compliance.


Globalworx—located in the beautiful Black Forest of southern Germany, we are raising the standards of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

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Supply Chain Compliance Solutions

There are two parties your company must keep happy to stay successful: your customers and your regulatory bodies. Fulfilling your customers’ needs and requirements is essential towards earning their trust and continued support. And maintaining compliance with all regulations will keep your operations smooth and without problems

Globalworx offers several Supply Chain Compliance Solutions to keep your customers pleased and your compliance spotless, including:

Supply Chain Security Solution

Every customer has unique security needs. Globalworx will assist you in planning and executing compliant security check to ensure that all client specifications are met, with data encrypted solutions and the latest in encryption technology.

Our encryption solutions will enable you with quick access to a personal database on your labels, storage and shipping documents, and other sensitive information.


Supply Chain Monitoring Solution

Keep your products categorized and stored in the smartest way possible, protecting their quality and efficacy. Globalworx specializes industry-wide approaches towards product categorization, finding the best solutions for storage and transport based on product specification. Cut down on time, money, and risk with smarter categorization methods.

Our solutions include:

  • Product categorization based on product characteristics
  • Creating and implementing effective temperature monitoring plans
  • Supplying you with state-of-the-art Bluetooth temperature monitoring devices, to be purchased or rented
  • Temperature management software
  • Data storage and analysis through personalized on board or Cloud databases
  • Environmental monitoring devices
  • Business and environmental data collection and analysis


TEMPegg® Device

The ultimate solution in precise and reliable temperature monitoring. You won’t find a more reliable monitoring device on the market, fitting neatly in the palm of your hand.

The TEMPegg® was developed and created by our team of pharmaceutical compliance experts. From concept to creation, TEMPegg® was focused on solving one goal: becoming the one-stop solution for regulatory, calibration, and monitoring needs.

Features include:

  • On-board calibration
  • Local and remote data access
  • Wireless Bluetooth monitoring
  • Instant access to all data points
  • Customizable global network solutions
  • Low price, high value
  • Regulation compliant

Globalworx currently offers two TempEgg® monitoring solutions:

TEMPegg® White:

Designed to satisfy a single-use of higher user standards and requirements

TEMPegg® Blue: 

Designed for multi-use needs of replenishment distribution models, where products are monitored within the company’s integrated shipping network.

Setting Up Your TEMPegg®

Once you have purchased and received your brand new TEMPegg®, you will be required to install the TEMPegg® device software. Please follow the steps listed below:

  • Open this link to download the TEMPegg file on your computer.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, please open and find setup.exe
  • After copying setup.exe to your computer, double click on the file and follow the installation instruction.
  • To learn more about the software, please follow the TEMPegg® User Manual, at this link: TEMPegg® User Manual
  • In case of any questions, please contact us at or dial the following support number: +4915153332851
  • For unlimited access to your TEMPegg® Device System, you need to obtain a software license normally provided with the purchase of the device. There is no need to re-install the software again.

TEMPegg® Database Solutions

Globalworx offers three different customer database solutions for the TEMPegg® device:

  • Local Database (TEMPegg® stored): Your data will be stored on the TEMPegg® device itself. This solution is best for clients who require their data during the final step of customer distribution models.
  • Remote Database (Customer´s Cloud): This solution is best for clients who prefer an in-house database and data storage, allowing internal data processing and analysis.
  • Remote Database (Globalworx’s Cloud): This solution is best for clients who prefer the highest levels of service and security, with free regular server maintenance and secured external data storage capacity.

Supply Chain Supporting Services

Whatever solutions your staff requires, Globalworx has the answer. We provide personalized and tailored training for your staff and employees, ensuring that they are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills of your industry.


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