Supplier Quality

Reduce supply chain failures and expenses by up to 25%

Apply a new approach to sourcing and supply chain operations

Optimize your supply chain to reduce failures and expenses. Building on brand new approach of the newly released Good Supply Practices for the 21st century, we help you define and implement strategies that lead to higher efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

Get pragmatic, effective and sustainable tools to ensure you overcome supply chain challenges

The GSPs framework attacks the true root cause of the supply chain failures your organization has experienced. Learn how you may unknowingly contribute to supply chain failures and how you can prevent them.

Increase the success of your business through the GSPs by effectively balancing your duties and obligations.

Utilize self assessment of your company to improve cooperation with suppliers and to define criteria for their evaluation.

Find out where changes of your internal processes can most effectively improve reliability of your supply chain.

Learn from the experts who developed the GSPs

Globalworx is one of the official Xavier Health Certified Trainers. In close cooperation with our partners, we provide a broad range of activities to increase your professional status.

Start enjoying the benefits of this work by making a difference in your supply chain performance today!

Xavier's Workshops

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Xavier's Company-specific activities

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Globalworx's value adding activities

  • Suplier ADD Process
  • Supplier Certification Program
  • Auditing Process Education

Trainer‘s insight and ability to connect sourcing and supply chain strategies with our leadership team was impressive! As a result, we have created strategic training sessions for our team to increase our ability to be “Right- First-Time” across our supply chain operations. We are utilizing many of your Good Supply Practices in risk management, strategic supplier relationships and sourcing strategies. Eye opening and useful, thanks for sharing your wisdom!

– Jim Alexander, Director of Supplier Programs, Cook Medical

We offer following support for your supplier's quality

Benefit from our expertise in other related areas.

New supplier onboarding

  • we help to find suppliers that best meet your needs
  • we help set the supplier–manufacturer relationship so that it is efficient and beneficial for both sides

Regulatory compliance

  • we help you with qualification of your new suppliers
  • we check all regulatory requirements and provide blueprint of steps necessary to achieve compliance

Efficiency improvement

  • we check that the cost you spent on supply chain provide the expected value
  • we help you reduce costs while maintaining or even increasing quality of supplied services