Temperature mapping

Ensure compliance for your warehouses and storage areas subjected to controlled temperature standards. We help you find the critical temperature spots and recommend strategies for effective temperature monitoring and management. Our high-end solution makes mapping super easy and costeffective.

complex, in-depth analysis according to ISPE standards

possibility of additional tests (empty mapping, loaded mapping, open door and power failure tests etc.)

available for small as well as large storage halls

Supply Chain Gap Assessment

Identify process weaknesses in your supply chain management. Globalworx experts provide a thorough Supply Chain Risk analysis and assessment in line with the ISPE requirements that helps you maintain your performance and reliability.

cutting edge, holistic approach according to ISPE Good Supply Practices guide

perfect knowledge of both US and EU environment

experience with supply of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Regulatory and Inspection Support

Due to increasing demand on regulated supply chain, keeping up the development on various markets is not easy. Globalworx provides consultacy and recommendation for legal compliance of your particular business.

recommendation of environmnt monitoring solutions in line with regulatory requirements

preparation for regulatory iFDA (Globalworx cooperate with former FDA inspectors to assure the absolute reliable preparation

FDA/EU MDR/IVDR product labelling, identification and traceability, recall support


GS1 Germany

Globalworx is GS1‘s Solution Partner for identification and traceability solutions

Clima Temperatur Systeme

Supplier of CTS climatic stress screening test cabinets


Member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIC)

USDM Life Sciences

UDI cooperation partner

Karavan Consulting

GDP cooperation partner

Xavier Health

GSP cooperation partner