Implementation support

We take care our supply chain monitoring solution, based on TEMPegg® loggers, provides you the maximum benefit.

  • We help you define which environmental characteristics should be measured.
  • We calculate the optimal amount of measuring devices based on your needs.
  • We provide implementation project management from the base to the top and assist you with the first steps.
  • If you need, we also provide recommendation of proven distribution companies.

Value adding services

Let‘s benefit from our expertise and keep your customers safe from failed products.

Compliance solutions

Fulfill your customers’ needs and requirements of regulatory bodies smoothly. We help define which laws and regulations you should apply, provide evaluation of your systems and processes, and consult possible improvements.

Last mile solutions

Make sure your products keep their quality truly to the very end customer. Starting with categorization of your products, we suggest optimal distribution and monitoring plans to guarantee zero-defect shipping reliability.

Assessment solutions

We perform process auditing and System Risk Assessment based on the latest scientific knowledge (Good Supply Practices for 21st Century) to make sure your processes are robust, risk-free, and ready for the future.


GS1 Germany

Globalworx is GS1‘s Solution Partner for identification and traceability solutions


Globalworx is an official distributor of IoT products by Fanstel

Clima Temperatur Systeme

Supplier of CTS climatic stress screening test cabinets


Member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIC)

USDM Life Sciences

UDI cooperation partner

Karavan Consulting

GDP cooperation partner

Xavier Health

GSP cooperation partner