Monitoring solution

Storage & transport conditions under control. Anytime and anywhere.

fully wireless system
the latest Bluetooth technology
server based solution

We make monitoring smart

Fully automatic and easy to use system

Just choose your plan, put the loggers wherever you need and start monitoring.

  • no software installation
  • online management
  • automatic annual calibration
  • reports on demand

Wireless operation and real time data

We use the latest wireless technology to make monitoring efficient.

  • immediate alerts via email/SMS
  • IoT solution operated from a single source (web application)
  • posibility to integrate warehouse and vehicle monitoring

Reliable & easily scalable solution

With all data processing taking place on secure servers.

  • easily scalable to your needs
  • high data security
  • fully GDP compliant
  • made in Germany
  • 100% service and function guarantee

A unique IoT solution that opens new ways of data communication

Loggers with newest chip technology and internal memory

Equipped with the latest Nordic chip, high precise sensor, and internal memory, our loggers provide speed, accuracy and capacity. The onboard memory can store data up to 300 days.

Flexible communication interface

The TEMPlink® communication unit send data from the loggers to the server. It enables data exchange via Bluetooth, Wi- Fi, LTE-M, Ethernet or GPS.

State-of-the-art validated server solution

Security matters. 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust Azure servers – and so do we. The solution is validated, scalable and able to to fully reflect your needs.

Look inside the application.

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Fair & clear pricing no matter the size of your business

Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the system which suits both small pharmacies as well as large companies.

A must for all who need to control storage & transport environment

The solution makes life easier to:

logistics companies

Why monitoring matters

A system ideal for cost-effective temperature mapping

According to EU GDP, an initial temperature mapping exercise must be carried out on the storage area before use, under representative conditions. We help you find the critical temperature spots and recommend strategies for effective temperature monitoring and management.

  • complex, in-depth analysis according to ISPE standards
  • possibility of additional tests (empty mapping, loaded mapping, open door and power failure tests etc.)
  • available for small as well as large storage halls


GS1 Germany

Globalworx is GS1‘s Solution Partner for identification and traceability solutions


Globalworx is an official distributor of IoT products by Fanstel

Clima Temperatur Systeme

Supplier of CTS climatic stress screening test cabinets


Member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIC)

USDM Life Sciences

UDI cooperation partner

Karavan Consulting

GDP cooperation partner

Xavier Health

GSP cooperation partner