Monitoring solution

Reliable. Easy. Cost effective. Move monitoring to higher level

For pharmacies, labs, warehouses, carriers and all who want to have the storage conditions under control. Wirelessly, automatically & user friendly.

Storage monitoring

Have current temperature status of your storage always at fingertips

With latest IoT technology, simple operation and range of related services, Globalworx monitoring solution makes your life easier. Control one or more store locations simply from the comfort of your office.

automatic alert system (via email/SMS)

wireless, cloud-based technology

reports available at one click

GDP compliant

flexible and easily scalable

Transport monitoring

Be sure your products’ keep their quality throughout the whole supply chain

Get data from the entire transport with our innovative monitoring solution. All data are saved on cloud, so you can check your compliance everywhere or provide access to actual status to all important supply chain partners.

automatic alert system (via email/SMS)

wireless, cloud-based IoT technology

cutting edge technology for monthly subscription / OpEx

GDP compliant


calibrated according ISO 17025

One platform → Many dedicated applications

ISO calibrated sensor accuracy
Bluetooth certification
Fully GDP compliant
EU based development & production
FDA standard validated software
Cloud data storage


Manufacturers know immediately the exposure status of their products.


Logistics operators get unique data to track the journey of transported products.

One platform

Last Mile customers can easily check shipping conditions while using the same platform.

Choose your package and get a complete monitoring solution

Subscribe a service that best suits your company‘s needs and we will take care of the rest. No need to watch over calibration, capacity of batteries and other maintenance issues. Save your time to develop your business.

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Globalworx solution proves useful in the fight against COVID-19

Benefit from remote temperature monitoring. Details »

Transport monitoring

Have your products’ quality under control. Anytime and anywhere

Readable at any conditions

Get data from the entire transport with our own independent technology

Read data literally anywhere using nothing more than your smartphone or PC. All data are saved on cloud, so you can check your compliance everywhere.

cutting edge technology for an achievable monthly subscription


user friendly even for the last mile customers

easily adaptable system using latest cloud technology

Do not waste time by looking for the loggers. Let the loggers find you

It is simple. Just start the application on your mobile phone and the logger connects automatically. No need to look for it and unpack the cargo.

Monitor all parameters critical to your product‘s quality

Benefit from the possibility to upgrade temperature measurement by adding sensors for other characteristics key to maintaining quality of your products.

Stationary monitoring

Tailored to the needs of small and medium sized pharmacies, hospitals and clinical sites

All data where you need them

Manage storage temperature in an easy, cost-effective and digital way

The WIFI Gateway located in the storage area collects data from the loggers and transmits them regularly to a cloud storage.

Control easily one or more store locations from the comfort of your office.

Get immediate alert in case of excursions.

Adapt the system easily according to your needs.

Comply with regulations with minimal costs thanks to our innovative approach.

Moveable loggers ideal for temperature mapping

Find critical temperature spots in your store using TEMPegg® II loggers. Thanks to its flexibility, our solution makes temperature mapping super easy and cost-effective.

Cloud storage and reports available at one click

View the measurement records simply in a PDF or use our analytical software to get deeper insight into your data.

The startup has never been easier. Let us set up TEMPegg® for you

Select your preferred product and we will do the rest! We will set up the system for you so that you will enjoy working with it just from the beginning.


GS1 Germany

Globalworx is GS1‘s Solution Partner for identification and traceability solutions


Globalworx is an official distributor of IoT products by Fanstel

Clima Temperatur Systeme

Supplier of CTS climatic stress screening test cabinets


Member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIC)

USDM Life Sciences

UDI cooperation partner

Karavan Consulting

GDP cooperation partner

Xavier Health

GSP cooperation partner