Globalworx: Advanced supply chain monitoring solution

Have your products’ quality under control. Anytime and anywhere

Real time monitoring
Intelligent logger
Easy product control

Benefit from Globalworx advanced supply chain monitoring solution

Readable at any conditions

Get data from the entire transport with GSM/GPS independent technology

Requiring only a smartphone, our solution allows reading data literally anywhere. Compliance with the transport conditions is also indicated by diodes so you can check it even in places without GPS/GSM signal.

Intelligent logger

Monitor temperature and all other parameters critical to your product‘s quality

Benefit from the possibility to upgrade temperature measurement by adding high-precision sensors that monitor other characteristics key to maintaining quality of your products.

Easy to check

Do not waste time by looking for the loggers. Let the loggers find you

It is simple. Just start the application on your mobile phone and the logger connects automatically. No need to look for it and unpack the cargo.

User friendly

Allow also the last mile customers easily check conditions‘ compliance

We made reading the logger as simple as possible ! Without USBs or special software, even the last mile customers immediately know your products arrived in the appropriate quality.

Designed to safe time (and money)

React immediately on deviation reports and improve planning by setting plenties of loggers at once

Not all deviation report means the goods arrived in poor quality. Find out immediately, using our analytical software. You can easily integrate it with your IT solution or ERP. Moreover, the solution allows you to set required number of loggers at once and thus reduce errors.

Products & Services

Reliable. Easy. Cost effective. Move supply chain monitoring to higher level with our solution.

TempEgg intelligent sensor device

  • possibility to enrich temperature measurement by measurement of other critical characteristics
  • available in calibrated or verified version
  • single-use and multi-use version
  • easy setup of multiple devices at once
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Easy check and monitoring tools

  • user friendly mobile app for quick check of the data at any point of the transport
  • sophisticated analytical software for analysis of the whole transport and future planning
  • security and access control

0,2°C calibrated
sensor accuracy

Geneva standard



EU based development
& production

Cloud data

We help setup your supply chain monitoring as effectively as possible


We help design optimal monitoring setup tailored to your product and goals.


We provide support during the implementation process and care for sustainable development.

And more

We help select qualified partners for distribution and storage.

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