Globalworx: Advanced supply chain monitoring solution

Your Partner
for Supply Chain Excellence

Monitoring solution | Supply partner selection | Regulation expertise

Utilize cutting edge technology and our experience to be 100% sure about the consistent service quality during transport and storage.

Monitoring solution

Precise, easy-to-use, and cost-effective supply chain monitoring system

real time data, no blindspots

own, reliable, cloud based technology

optimized for last mile customers

possibility to integrate transport and storage monitoring

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Regulation guidance

UDI Compliance Implementation & Guidance

Knowing the needs of manufacturers and logistics operators, we help you foresee the practical impacts of regulatory changes, i.e. the New EU Medical Device Regulations.

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Supplier Quality

Education and Supplier ADD Program

Building on brand new approach, we help optimize your supply chain to reduce failures and expenses & we support you in selection of qualified partners for distribution and storage.

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Tailored for

Medicines and medical devices


Food and beverages