Globalworx provides the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with state-of-the-art environmental monitoring devices to ensure that your products maintain the highest levels of quality and safety during transport and delivery.
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While in transit, pharmaceutical products are exposed to a number of varying environmental conditions, which may deteriorate product quality and expose patients to unnecessary risk.

Globalworx monitoring devices and software ensure that sensitive products will not be harmed or compromised during transport due to changing temperatures or environmental factors – ensuring product integrity and patient safety throughout the entire distribution chain.

Globalworx GmbH is a German company with more than 30 years of consolidated expertise across the transportation, pharmaceutical, and other regulated industries.

  • Pharmaceutical and device marketing and registration
  • Product identification throughout its entire life cycle by using common data elements
  • Product Labeling – specifically bar coding requirements on serialization and UDI
  • Product Storage and Distribution – specifically focusing on compliance requirements
  • Product Monitoring, Data Collection, and Analysis

Our headquarters is located in the beautiful Black Forest (Schwarzwald) area of southern Germany, with partners located throughout the world.

Black forest, Germany


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TEMPegg® Device

  • TEMPegg® is our precision solution for reliably monitoring the temperatures of cold chain processes both statistically and dynamically.
  • The development of TEMPegg® temperature monitoring was strictly driven from bottom-up requirements and demand (i.e. customer concerns with existing solutions were the key driver of product specifications and development)
  • As a result of this bottom-up approach, TEMPegg® provides a unique solution that is unparalleled in quality and function:
    • Fully in compliance with regulatory requirements, including on-board calibration.
    • Data stored locally as well as remotely via related databases.
    • State-of-the-art Bluetooth interface for wireless monitoring and instant hands-free access to all data points.
    • The expertise to build custom global network solutions for our clients (internal as well as external).
    • Competitive pricing and superior value.
  • Powered by Bluetooth 4.0 – Gain dramatic efficiencies through low power, wireless monitoringblue_new1

With state-of-the-art Bluetooth wireless technology, TEMPegg® drastically simplifies how you monitor temperature fluctuations of your most valuable products.

  • No need for external reading devices
  • Automatic connectivity and software upgrades
  • Dust-proof, water and humidity resistant
  • Instant access and real-time monitoring of all nearby products

Single Use White TEMPegg® - specifically

  • TEMPegg® White has been specifically developed to satisfy the higher standards and requirements of end-user. Primarily,ehitedat this applies to distribution models where products need to be strictly monitored on their last mile to the final customer. The reliability and stability of TEMPegg® solutions provide immediate access to the most important monitoring parameters through wireless integration and instant data collection – ensuring that all measurements remain within required specifications via built-in LED signals and alerts. If further information or evaluation is required, TempEgg® software is able to analyze and present precise details about each second of the distribution process and product journey.

Multi Use Blue TEMPegg® - specifically

  • TEMPegg® Blue has been specifically developed to address the needs and requirements of replenishment distribution modelsbluedat, where products are monitored within each company’s integrated shipping network. Not only is the TEMPegg® solution one of the most reliable and stable options in the industry, but it offers a variety of local and remote evaluation options for data transfer. This includes real-time Bluetooth data interfaces and communication via internal data networks.


TEMPegg® Data Solution

  • TEMPegg® Device Software (Demo Version)

    • Once you have downloaded the file, please open Install.zip and find setup.exe
    • After copying setup.exe to your computer, double click on the file and follow the installation instruction.
    • To start working with the program, please follow the TEMPegg® User Manual.
    • In case of any questions regarding installation, please contact us at info@globalworx.eu or dial the following support number: +4915153332851

Get Demo Version User Manual 

  • TEMPegg® Device Software (full version)

    • For unlimited access to your TEMPegg® Device System, login with the Password and login data provided with the purchase of the device. There is no need to re-install the software again.

Get   Full   Version User Manual 

TEMPegg® Database Solutions 

  • Globalworx GmbH offers three different customer database solutions:
    • Local database on the TEMPegg® device itself: This solution is well suited to retrieve more or additional information about the distribution process for final customer distribution models.
    • Remote database located on the customer’s server: This solution is best suited for the internal customer replenishment distribution model within the company’s integrated distribution network.
    • Remote database located on the Globalworx GmbH server: This solution is best suited for companies that want the highest levels of service, including server maintenance and secured external data storage capacity.

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